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Claudia and Rachid Ait-Touati (Murraylands / Riverland region) and Mary and Javier Centenera (Mallala region) Stories

After feeling trapped in their home country of Holland, Claudia and Rachid decided it was time to realise Claudia’s childhood dream of moving to Australia. A migration agent advised them they would not be granted an Australian working visa. They didn’t have much money in the bank. If they couldn’t work they wouldn’t last long. But they decided to try their luck. They packed five bags, their young family and headed to Australia on a tourist visa.
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HWQ Migration Solutions

Health Workforce Queensland's migration services include identifying the most suitable migration pathway for your circumstances and requirements, guidance through the complex migration policies, lodgement of applications and liaison with Immigration on all matters pertaining to your application.
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Dr Sidd Sarmah’s journey from India to regional Queensland

Shortly after obtaining his medical qualifications in India, Sidd Sarmah moved to the United Kingdom for medical training in an emergency department of a local hospital and then as a General Practitioner. After completing his Member of Royal College of GP (MRCGP) in 2010, the same quest for new experience, which made him move from India to the UK made him look for other professional challenges. The experiences of some of his colleagues who had migrated from the UK made him seriously consider a trial run in Australia. The sunshine state of Queensland appealed most due to its laid back lifestyle, career opportunities, family and work balance lifestyle and the warm tropical weather.
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Overseas Trained Doctors


Sadaf Seyedsalehi was inspired by her brother’s journey to Queensland where he was working as a registered general practitioner. After completing her medical degree at one of Iran’s top medical universities, Sadaf practiced medicine for 17 months. But it wasn’t long before she was looking for new opportunities and adventures. Sadaf’s brother, Ashkan had described the amazing countryside, the relaxed and safe nature and opportunities for trained doctors and general health care workers in regional Queensland. Sadaf decided that she wanted to join her brother in Australia.

Sadaf expected that moving to Australia would be difficult and would experience some issues, being accepted as an overseas trained doctor as well as general loneliness in a new country. Sadaf’s home country was very busy and noisy and in Australia she had to adjust to the silence and general lack of friendship groups and family support.

After arriving in Australia, Sadaf was under considerable pressure to find employment, a requirement to be able to extend her visa, so that she could sit her medical exams. Sadaf’s brother explained to her that she would need assistance with her medical registration and visa application. Ashkan recommended the services of Health Workforce Queensland who had assisted him with his applications. He reassured Sadaf that this daunting process would be made easier with the support of Health Workforce Queensland.

After Sadaf’s first meeting with staff at Health Workforce Queensland she started to feel confident that she might be successful in making her dream to work in Australia a reality.  The migration and recruitment team at Health Workforce Queensland supported her throughout the process of obtaining her 457 Visa and medical registration. Sadaf is particularly grateful that the Health Workforce Queensland team could also arrange for the visitor’s visa for her mother to visit her, which assisted in her  journey  to settle in Australia.

Sadaf has been able to achieve her goals of working as a general practitioner in Australia reasonably quickly. Sadaf explains that this challenging period of time in her life has been made so much better with the professional support and kindness of those who have assisted her.

Sadaf recently found work as a general practitioner in a regional Queensland township. Sadaf explains that the people in the community where she works are amazing, some of them are so warm and kind and it reminds her of the country area in Iran where she grew up.

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Study Nursing at Tafe South Australia

Studying nursing at TAFE South Australia is one of the easiest pathways towards a University Degree. Credit Transfer is the formal recognition that parts of a TAFE South Australia course are equivalent in content and level to parts of some University courses. In order to be an enrolled nurse you need to develop skills to communicate with people, have knowledge of contemporary nursing practice, law and ethics, anatomy and physiology, acute and chronic health disorders, clinical nursing skills and medication management.

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  • Vineyard Workshop Mechanic (Murraylands and Riverland Region) 2 July Local employer is seeking someone with good knowledge of mechanical duties for mechanical repairs in their workshop. The successful applicant will be required to work on various vineyard machinery such as grape harvesters, trucks and tractors and also capable of working on their vineyard. Applicants must be physically fit, willing to work flexible hours and have a 'can-do' attitude.
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