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Ira Savitri, University College London (Australia)/Alison and Steve Caddick (Ipswich)

Alison and Steve Caddick were very excited about their plan to move their family to Australia from the United Kingdom.

But not all went to plan!
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Discover Australia

Regional Australia offers international holiday-makers with an exclusive opportunity to explore landscapes of remarkable diversity and natural beauties that are not found anywhere else in the world.
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Dream Australia Study Tours



Would you like to develop a lasting international friendship with an Australian student and their family?

Looking to enhance your English language skills?

Like to learn more about Australia's unique lifestyle, culture and play Australian sports?

Then join the Dream Australia Study Tours 

Dream Australia Study Tours will allow you to taste a sample of what it is like to study in Australia. Dream Australia Study Tours offer school students that are aged between 10 and 18 years, the opportunity to participate and study in an Australian school.  Whilst undertaking this learning experience the students will  gain knowledge of the unique Australian cultural and join in with various sporting activities.  Visiting students will be paired with a local Australian student who, through their family, will provide accommodation for the duration of the stay and will support the integration of the student into the Australian school life.  

As a national organisation, Dream Australia Study Tours offer exchanges in each of Australia’s capital cities and tailor the study and cultural program around the needs of each group.  At Dream Australia Study Tours we are responsible for every aspect of the tour, including the booking of international airline tickets, securing Australian visas, organising health insurance, securing accommodation in Australia and designing the comprehensive study tour itinerary. Dream Australia Study Tours have multilingual staff on hand who will provide on-going support for visiting students. 

The 16-day program will include:

  • Three days of intensive English studies at the participating school; 
  • Undertaking course subjects with their paired Australian student;
  • Join in Australian sporting activities;
  • Participate in a variety of cultural activities;
  • Visit a local farm and animal sanctuary;
  • Tour of Capital City including: the Art Gallery, Museum, and markets; and
  • A day of activities at a local University


Dream Australia Study Tours can be tailored specifically for the needs of individual groups. For more information on the Dream Australia Study Tours: here

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  • Two Permanent General Practitioners - Chinchilla (Health Workforce Queensland) The practice is looking for two Dr’s for a start and one nurse. This will increase as patient lists increase. There will be a Sr. receptionist and a Jr. receptionist plus a Practice manager.
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  • GP Permanent Mackay (Health Workforce Queensland) This Medical Practice is owned by an Indigenous community organisation that also runs a large affordable housing program and many health, family support and employment projects that provide benefits to the whole community.

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  • Chief Executive Officer (Local Government) Applications Close: 30 June 2015 The CEO is key to the success of the organisation, leading the secretariat, the pivotal link between the LGA Board and the secretariat and playing a key role in establishing and utilising key relationships within other levels of government for the betterment of the Local Government sector, therefore Councils and communities across the State.
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