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Dilshan and Yusharni Perera Story (Coober Pedy) and Irfan and Sobia Hashmi (Flinders Ranges Region) Stories

Seeing opportunity through adversity has carried Irfan and Sobia, both pharmacists, throughout their lives, from their homeland in Pakistan to the Flinders Ranges region in South Australia.
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Queensland Health

Queensland Health offers exciting employment opportunities and career pathways for many healthcare professionals.

There are a range of healthcare services and diverse centres, from large technologically advanced tertiary hospitals in our metropolitan and regional cities, to community health centres servicing rural, remote and Aboriginal Torres Strait Island communities.
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Murraylands / Riverland Region

The region’s diverse multi-cultural community includes people from India, the Philippines, China, the U.K., Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Bhutan and the Sudan. Most have been attracted to this region through Australia’s Skilled Migration program.

The major areas of employment in the region include;
Agriculture 19.2%
Health Care & Social Assistance 12.7%
Manufacturing 9.6%
Retail 9%
Education & Training 7.4%
Construction 5.7%

Currently, there is a demand for skilled workers in a range of industries including intensive animal production, horticulture and manufacturing as well as opportunities in the provision of professional services.
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Working Holiday / Tourist Visas

Working holidays


Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) 

The Visa is only available to people who hold valid passports from the following countries:  

  • UK
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • HSKAR*
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden

*Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (includes British National Overseas passport holders). 

To be eligible for the Working Holiday Visa, you must also:

  • be outside Australia when you apply and, when your visa is granted
  • not have entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa before
  • be aged between 18 and 30 years (inclusive) at the time of applying
  • be applying no more than 12 months before you intend to travel to Australia
  • not have accompanying dependent children. If you have dependent children you will need to apply using the paper application.


What Does The Working Holiday Visa Allow You To Do?

  • enter Australia within 12 months of grant
  • stay for up to 12 months
  • leave and re-enter Australia any number of times while the visa is valid
  • work in Australia for up to 6 months with each employer
  • study for up to 4 months.
  • extend your stay by another 12-months by working 3 months in a Specified Role, e.g fruit picking 


If you gain a 12-month Visa extension, you may return to work for a further 6 months for an employer with whom you worked on your first Working Holiday visa.

Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462)

The visa is available only to tertiary educated people aged 18 to 30 who hold valid passports from:

  • USA
  • Chile
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey


Valid up to 12 months, the visa enables you to supplement the cost of your travels in Australia through periods of temporary or casual employment.

What Does The Work and Holiday Visa Allow You To Do?

  • enter Australia at any time within 3 months of the visa grant date
  • stay for up to 12 months in Australia
  • leave and re–enter Australia any number of times in the 12 months from the date of first entry
  • undertake temporary employment in Australia
  • study for up to 4 months


Unfortunately, it is not possible to qualify for a visa extension by working in regional Australia. This option is only available under the Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417).

Tertiary Education Requirements:

  • Chile: You must hold tertiary qualifications or have completed/been approved to undertake a third year of undergraduate university study.
  • Malaysia: You must hold tertiary qualifications, or have successfully completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate university study.
  • Thailand: You must hold a degree or post high school diploma from an accredited institution. 
  • Turkey: You must hold tertiary qualifications, or have successfully completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate university study.
  • USA: You must have graduated from High School.


Visitor Visa (subclass 976)

The visa is designed for people who are outside Australia and want to visit Australia for holidays, tourism, recreation or for informal study.

A service charge of $20 applies.
 You can stay for up to three months on each visit within the validity of the visa. ETAs are valid for 12 months from the date of grant, or for the life of the passport if the passport expires less than 12 months from the date the ETA was granted. An ETA is not designed to allow repeated extended stays in Australia. If you want to spend long periods in Australia for tourism purposes, you may want to consider applying for Tourist visa (subclass 676) or an alternate visa that suits your purposes.

Tourist Visa (subclass 676)

This visa allows people to visit Australia for a holiday or recreation, or to visit family and friends. This visa may also be used for other short-term non-work purposes including study for less than three months. This visa is available to all passport holders who are:

  •     outside Australia and want to apply for a visa to visit Australia
  •     in Australia and want to extend your stay as a visitor.


This visa is designed only to allow temporary travel to Australia for tourism purposes or to visit family and friends. It cannot be used for long-term stays or residence. To be eligible for a further Tourist visa in the future, you must maintain extended periods of time outside of Australia. To apply, you may be required to pay a visa application charge. This charge is usually not refunded if your application is unsuccessful.

If granted, this visa will allow you either a single or multiple entry to Australia for a stay period of up to three, six or 12 months. The period of stay and number of entries granted will depend on the purpose of the visit and your personal circumstances.

 If you are seeking specialised migration legal advice please send an e-mail: here or view migration law firm's website: here

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South Australian Regional Local Government

Local government organisations in South Australia employ more than 9,000 people, which makes Councils one of the state's largest employers. South Australian Councils have from 10 to 600 staff and have responsibility for districts ranging from large metropolitan areas to rural, outback, semi-urban and coastal regions. There are many job options available and, with such a wide range of skills required, there is something on offer for everyone.

Local Government is a vibrant part of every South Australian community and offers great employment conditions and opportunities, especially in the regional areas which include the Limestone Coast, the Murray Mallee and Riverland, Eyre Peninsula, the Southern Fleurieu, Hills and Kangaroo Island region, the Yorke & Mid North, Barossa and Flinders and the Outback.

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Event management 

Event Management, Tafe South Australia

The growth in overseas awareness of South Australia's stunning tourist attractions, growth in new markets such as day trips, and the benefits of proposed cheaper international air fares are but a few factors spelling great jobs for TAFE SA's hospitality, travel and tourism, and event professionals.

Studying a TAFE SA event management course will arm you with the skills to manage convents and major events.

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  • Chef (Regional New South Wales) Applications Close: 1 July As a Chef and Cook you will be assisting our catering team to deliver good quality food and service to the University of New England students. In this role you will be working in a fast-paced catering kitchen assisting in preparing and serving meals to hungry students daily.
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  • Two Permanent General Practitioners - Chinchilla (Health Workforce Queensland) The practice is looking for two Dr’s for a start and one nurse. This will increase as patient lists increase. There will be a Sr. receptionist and a Jr. receptionist plus a Practice manager.
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  • Early Childhood Teacher Job (Adelaide) Applications close: 7 July Goodstart Bedford Park have an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic and experienced Early Childhood Teacher to undertake a unique full-time role.
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