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Ira Savitri, University College London (Australia)/Alison and Steve Caddick (Ipswich)

Alison and Steve Caddick were very excited about their plan to move their family to Australia from the United Kingdom.

But not all went to plan!
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Regional Jobs

In a recently published paper the Federal Department of Employment found that 'employers in regional locations still have more difficulty recruiting skilled workers than those in metropolitan areas, especially in trade and technician fields
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Migration Advice

People from nearly every continent have migrated to Australia to begin what, for them, was a new and better life. Their hopes and ambitions came with them and their drive to succeed has had a profound impact on the Australian economy, Australian society and on the nature of the country as a whole.
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Job Vacancies

With a relevantly strong economy and low unemployment rate many businesses across Australia are actively looking overseas to attract skilled workers. If you are interested in migrating to Australia to work make sure you check out Dream Australia's jobs board

To view current job vacancies click on the industry sectors: 

Regional Jobs
In a recently published paper the Federal Department of Employment found that 'employers in regional locations still have more difficulty recruiting skilled workers than those in metropolitan areas, especially in trade and technician fields Read more.

Regional Local Government Jobs
Working in a regional council provides a great opportunity for career advancement and also offers a higher level of job security plus opportunities for full time employment. Additionally, support for professional development, including on-going training and access to further education, is often provided. Read more.

Regional Health Jobs
Health employers in regional areas across Australia continue to experience more difficulty filling vacancies than their metropolitan counterparts for most health professions. Demand for health professionals is expected to remain strong as the Australian population ages, services become more accessible and developments in medical technology expand health care options. Regional health employers filled fewer vacancies (69 per cent compared with 77 per cent for metropolitan) and attracted smaller numbers of suitable applicants per vacancy (2.3, on average, compared with 2.8).
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Education Jobs / Child Care
As at 2011 there were 48,000 academic staff in Australian higher education institutions who in turn were supported by 61,000 non-academic staff. In the Secondary and Primary School sector there were 117,600 teaching jobs. In the VET sector there were 36,500 teaching jobs Read more.

Engineering Jobs
Labor shortfalls in the sector have triggering high levels of skilled migration of engineers: numbers have risen steadily and peaked at 12,800 during the GFC of 2009 before rising again in 2011 to 13,240 Read more.

Mining and Energy Jobs
Mining employment in Australia is high, and expected to grow in the future, if you are hoping for lucrative and consistent employment in a top industry, it is a wise idea to explore the mining Australia jobs currently available. Read more.

I.T Jobs
The salaries are going to vary widely for ICT jobs in Australia, but the median ranges are usually between $40 and $70 depending upon experience, specialization, and location. Read more.

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Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

The visa allows skilled workers to come to Australia and work for an approved business for up to four years.

You must be sponsored by an approved business. A business can sponsor someone for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to do the skilled work. You can be in or outside Australia when you lodge your application.

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  • Risk Management & WHS Officer (Local Government) Applications Close: 19 June Working with the senior management team, the Risk and WHS Officer will ensure risk management and work health & safety systems for Council employees together with the development and implementation of policies, procedures and work practices which ensure Council meets all appropriate legislative risk and WHS requirements.
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  • Chef (Regional New South Wales) Applications Close: 1 July As a Chef and Cook you will be assisting our catering team to deliver good quality food and service to the University of New England students. In this role you will be working in a fast-paced catering kitchen assisting in preparing and serving meals to hungry students daily.
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  • Diploma trained child care worker (Campsie) Applications Close: 7 July Applicant must have a mature and passionate approach to work. Excellent communication skills and dealing with children, families and colleagues.
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