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Tommy and Kirsty Fox (Eyre Peninsula Region), Listya Mustafida (UCL) / Ally and Pete Smith (Yeppoon)

Kirsty fell in love with Tommy in Fremantle, Western Australia. Kirsty was from a farming family in Eyre Peninsular in South Australia, and Tommy was a brash young lad from a dairy farming family in Ireland. Both were on working holidays around the world, following a bereavement for Kirsty, and for Tommy – on a break, following a young life spent working hard to maintain the family farm.
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Far North Region

The Far North Region is one of South Australia’s richest mining areas with 11 approved mines and a further 14 developing mineral resource projects located in this region.Roxby Downs, with a population of approximately 5,000 people, is a major mining town closely associated with the Olympic Dam project. Most residents are either directly employed by the mine or provide services to the mining industry.

Coober Pedy, one of Australia’s most multi-cultural communities, is located 540 kilometres north of Port Augusta. With around 70% of the world’s total known deposits of opal, Coober Pedy is often referred to as the opal capital of the world. Quorn, with a population of approximately 1,700, is situated in the heart of the Flinders Ranges. Quorn is tourist hub for this area and provides tourism services to the ever increasing number of tourists who visit this ruggedly beautiful part of South Australia.
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Automotive Technology

Tafe South Australia is the largest provider of automotive retail service and repair training in South Australia. Tafe South Australia offers high quality training across South Australia. Lecturers are qualified and ongoing training ensures their skills are up to date, and in line with industry needs.
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Dilshan and Yusharni Perera Story (Coober Pedy) and Irfan and Sobia Hashmi (Flinders Ranges Region) Stories

Dilshan and Yusharni Perera Story

In Sri Lanka, Dilshan and Yusharni worked tireless to help families living in Shandy towns in the outskirts of Colombo. By giving their time, they believed they could enrich the lives of the people living in these impoverished communities. They hoped it would make a difference.

However, when the civil war intensified they had no other choice but to seek refuge for their young family. Initially they settled in Melbourne, but it wasn’t long before they went looking for communities in need. It might take “a village to educate a child”, but in this instance a family from a village far afield, is playing a crucial role for young people facing bleak futures in one of South Australia’s remote communities in Coober Pedy.


Dilshan sidepark


Irfan and Sobia Hashmi Story

Seeing opportunity through adversity has carried Irfan and Sobia, both pharmacists, throughout their lives, from their homeland in Pakistan to the Flinders Ranges region in South Australia.

As students in Pakistan, they realised that the political situation was not stable in their home country. Suicide bombings were becoming more frequent and extremist groups were taking control of the country. They migrated to Australia, so Irfan could study for his Masters degree. In the beginning, they had to overcome limited work opportunities and their own social and cultural practices to make the most of their individual strengths and skills.

Set backs continued, but they were able to finally achieve remarkable success in the rural towns in the Flinders Ranges, not just as pharmacist, but as valued members of their local community.


Sobia Irfan


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Flinders Ranges 200

The Yorke and Mid North Region

The region is renowned for its diversity and beauty ranging from superb rural panoramas to rugged coastal locations and culturally unique townships and settlements. The region extends across approximately 35,000 square kilometres and currently has a population of 74,249 people, representing almost a quarter of the regional population of South Australia.

The region extends across 420 kilometres north to south and 200km east to west.  Rainfall averages vary from around 500mm per annum in the southern parts of the Yorke Peninsula and Southern Flinders Ranges to 200mm per annum across the Burra plains and western part of the region. Around 80 individual communities form the broader Yorke and Mid North region – aligning around the geographic sub-regions and popular tourism destinations known as the Southern Flinders Ranges, Clare Valley and Mid North and Yorke Peninsula.

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