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Dilshan and Yusharni Perera Story (Coober Pedy) and Irfan and Sobia Hashmi (Flinders Ranges Region) Stories

Seeing opportunity through adversity has carried Irfan and Sobia, both pharmacists, throughout their lives, from their homeland in Pakistan to the Flinders Ranges region in South Australia.
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Student Visas

Student Visas are temporary visas designed to allow overseas students to study in Australia for a specified period of time.

The Student Visa class that is appropriate for intending students depends on the nature of the study program that an overseas student proposes to undertake.
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Two Wells and Barossa Region

The region is the heart of Australia's foremost wine making state, with more than 20% of Australia's wine made in the region, contributing $660 million to the regional economy and 5,000 full time jobs, which represented 24 per cent of the regional total. The region also produces significant quantities of cereal, fruit, vegetables, forest products, pigs and poultry.

The region has strong in-ward population migration and has a larger than average concentration of younger people and a slightly smaller than average share of persons aged between 15 to 64 years. Over 48 per cent of all persons aged 15 or over held some form of non-school qualification with participation in tertiary education increasing by 9 per cent in recent years.

The top five contributors to total employment in the region are manufacturing, retail trade, agriculture, forestry, health and community services and education and training. The region has three country hospitals - Tanunda, Angaston and Kapunda, and one District hospital in Gawler. There are two colleges of Technical and Further Education (Nuriootpa and Gawler) and the Roseworthy Campus of the University of Adelaide which is known for its agricultural research, veterinary school and equine hospital.
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Interior Design


When you walk into a building and notice that the furniture, wall coverings, fittings and accessories all work together to create a theme, there's a good chance that an interior decorator has been at work. Interior decorators assist clients to select and co-ordinate the different elements that make up the interior of a room or a building.

Course covers:

In the course students will explore and apply the creative design process to 2D and 3D forms, establish, negotiate and refine a design brief, select and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept, produce technical drawings, research, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces, decorate residential interiors, participate in environmentally sustainable work practices and 19 other elective units.

Career Path

To acquire the skills necessary to become an interior decorator, training is usually provided on the job. Interior decorators working in retail, may begin as sales assistants in furniture, display and soft furnishing departments. As experience increases and opportunities arise, it may be possible to progress from sales to consulting. After completing their on the job training, interior decorators generally work on a commission basis, although this will vary between employers. Incomes, therefore, have the capacity to vary greatly depending on the sales ability and reputation of the decorator.

The demand for their services is largely dependent upon the level of activity in the building industry and the number of established properties being refurbished. With the recent introduction of a government rebate for first home buyers building a new home, there may be some short term employment growth in this area.

Nature of the Job

Interior decorators plan and implement decoration schemes in homes, hotels, office buildings, shops, restaurants, clubs and schools. Some of the duties and responsibilities of an interior decorator include interviewing clients in order to determine colour and style preferences, lifestyle needs (no white sofas with toddlers around!) and matching these to budgetary requirements. Their plans, samples, and cost estimates are then submitted to their clients for approval. 

The job involves assisting clients in problem solving. It's a challenge to come up with a solution that will suit both the taste of the client and the characteristics of the building or room. Designers also select colour schemes, lighting, furniture, floor coverings, curtains, paint, wallpaper and hardware products (eg curtain fittings) either with, or on behalf of the client. They then supervise the purchase of materials, and co-ordinate their delivery, installation or arrangement. Interior decorators working in retail shops are also likely to be involved in direct selling.

Typical Occupational Example

Prospective employers include department stores, furniture stores, fabric suppliers, carpet outlets, paint and wallpaper retail outlets, decorating services, manufacturing companies, and interior design practices. Some interior decorators work on a freelance basis and purchase merchandise from wholesale and retail outlets. Those who have extensive work experience and good business skills may open their own decorating service and employ others. 

According to one interior decorator and member of the Design Institute of Australia, 'Interior decorating as a profession is different to interior design, but just as valid. More and more practices are employing interior decorators because of their expertise in soft furnishings and fabrics. Educational institutions are beginning to take it seriously as a profession, as reflected by the provision of formal training and the Design Institute of Australia's decision to now acknowledge interior decoration.'

For more about Interior Design courses visit their course website: here

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Event management

Event Management

The Tourism and Events industries are vibrant and growing areas in which to work. The opportunities and excitement of discovering new places, meeting people from different cultures, planning and managing events ranging from business conferences to music festivals are waiting for you.

The Tourism Program at TAFE South Australia helps students develop appropriate skills and knowledge for the Tourism industry, both domestically and internationally. The Program provides students with a broad knowledge base and develops their practical skills through interactive learning techniques, including virtual tourism enterprises, practical and volunteer work placements, industry visits and industry based projects.

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