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Claudia and Rachid Ait-Touati (Murraylands / Riverland region) and Mary and Javier Centenera (Mallala region) Stories

After feeling trapped in their home country of Holland, Claudia and Rachid decided it was time to realise Claudia’s childhood dream of moving to Australia. A migration agent advised them they would not be granted an Australian working visa. They didn’t have much money in the bank. If they couldn’t work they wouldn’t last long. But they decided to try their luck. They packed five bags, their young family and headed to Australia on a tourist visa.
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Student Visas

Student Visas are temporary visas designed to allow overseas students to study in Australia for a specified period of time.

The Student Visa class that is appropriate for intending students depends on the nature of the study program that an overseas student proposes to undertake.
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Queensland Health

Queensland Health offers exciting employment opportunities and career pathways for many healthcare professionals.

There are a range of healthcare services and diverse centres, from large technologically advanced tertiary hospitals in our metropolitan and regional cities, to community health centres servicing rural, remote and Aboriginal Torres Strait Island communities.
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Community Services

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Many people have personal or social needs that cannot be met at home or at work, which can cause emotional, physical or psychological hardship. But those needs don't have to be overlooked. Luckily, there are services and facilities designed to help. You will be working with community groups, identifying what services people actually need. They work alongside welfare officers and various community service agencies, to encourage and assist people to meet those needs. They are also instrumental in the development of community services, which can have a powerful effect on people's lives. They help all types of people, of different ages and in various settings. It could be the residents of a nursing home, young people at a youth shelter, people at a centre for the disabled, people in Aboriginal communities or migrants and refugees that need their support

Counsellors may specialise in working with a particular group such as people from non-English-speaking backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or single parents. Or they may specialise in a service area such as health, accommodation, relationships, employment, career development, grief and loss, stress management, child development and abuse issues.

Employment forecasts indicate above average employment prospects in this occupation. An increase in a range of social problems, such as a growing number of homeless people, marriage breakdowns, increasing numbers of people with financial difficulties, unemployment and literacy problems, all indicate an ongoing need for community services. However, despite growth in this occupation, there are large numbers in training and competition for available places can be intense. Employment prospects also depend on the level of government funding allocated to community organisations.

Most counsellors and community workers are working in community and health service organisations. These organisations offer a wide range of support services to the community, including family support, resettlement programs for migrants and refugees, community and adult education, counselling services and programs for children. They also undertake various community projects. Counsellors and community workers are employed to plan, develop and deliver these programs and services. This may involve the delivery of adult literacy programs or programs that help women prepare for re-entry into the workforce. Financial planning is another area where some people in the community need special help.

Community service course will cover the following: implement community development strategies, develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management, develop, implement and promote effective workplace communication, conduct complex assessment and referral, work within a structured counselling framework, work intensively with clients, plan and conduct group activities, confirm client developmental status, analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services, reflect on and improve own professional practice, contribute to WHS processes and 7 additional electives.

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Pat Tafe SA Podcast

Fashion Design

Many fashion designers are currently enjoying a trip down memory lane, reliving the disco fever fashion of the 1970s, but it's generally not long before they've moved on to their next fashion inspiration. Competition in the field of fashion is intense, yet lots of people want in! Each year, approximately 100 training places are offered in the Fashion Design and Technology courses available from Tafe South Australia.

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  • Chef (Regional New South Wales) Applications Close: 19 June We are currently seeking a trade qualified Chef to supervise the daily operation (Monday - Friday) of our Deli Marche cafe located within our hospital site at Waratah, Newcastle. This position requires a motivated, creative individual with a flair for cooking, however also focused on the customer's experience and the front of house operation and presentation.
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  • Vineyard Workshop Mechanic (Murraylands and Riverland Region) 2 July Local employer is seeking someone with good knowledge of mechanical duties for mechanical repairs in their workshop. The successful applicant will be required to work on various vineyard machinery such as grape harvesters, trucks and tractors and also capable of working on their vineyard. Applicants must be physically fit, willing to work flexible hours and have a 'can-do' attitude.
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  • Diploma trained child care worker (Campsie) Applications Close: 7 July Applicant must have a mature and passionate approach to work. Excellent communication skills and dealing with children, families and colleagues.
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